Thursday, May 24, 2007

Translation from the Obliveon Magazine review (Germany)

RISING HERESY (53:18 min.)


This rather obscure twain-project (bandfounder Deni G. Perrioni, ex-Deep Sorrow, does both sing and play the drums, while producer Aldo D’Isep plays guitar, bass, and keys) has „Egyptian Themed Doom Metal“ written on its banner. To be sure, Egyptian influences are not new in (Doom) Metal: Solitude Aeturnus, Nile or Melechesh have been experimenting with Sumerian-Egyptian scales or melodies for quite a while. The instrumentation of the songs sometimes sounds as if John Perez had put his signature to Nile’s more doomy compositions, such as „Sarcophagus“ (listen to „Eclipsed Spirituality“ oder „Genemesis“). Not surprisingly, then, the six-string extravaganza of Nile-mastermind Karl Sanders can be heard on „Beyond the Horizon (Legacy of Light).“ A guest-appearance by Erol Unala (ex-Celtic Frost and -Apollyon Sun) likewise speaks volumes about the band’s influences (titletrack or „Blind Row“). Sometimes the not too easily accessible songs, most often thicker than the Nile, are counterbalanced by belligerent soundscapes („Per Aten“ und „Femininity’s Pride“) which invest „Rising Heresy“ with an almost mystic note. The album’s climax is, without the shadow of a doubt, the relentlessly grooving „Divine Glory,“ a song that highlights the Power Doom-component in the sound of Amarna Sky. Mattias Norén having created the artwork of this nicely produced debut means: no worries here. All this means that Amarna Sky have made a promising impact in the Doom-world as „Rising Heresy“ presents multiple beautiful, atmospherically charged moments for Doomheads. Those interested in the CD and the concept behind „Rising Heresy“ ought to lend an eye to or

7,5/10 Patrick Müller