Friday, September 23, 2011

"Under Sekhmet's Breath" revealed

Here's the cover artwork for the new AMARNA SKY album, entitled “Under Sekhmet’s Breath”, scheduled to be released on December 19, via Anubis Music. The effort will be available for sale in digital and physical formats. The physical copies will have a 16-page booklet filled with spectacular artwork by the Brazilian artist Alcides Burn, band pictures and lyrics. Alcides Burn has worked with bands like EXECUTER, TORTURE SQUAD, MALEFECTOR, DISGRACE AND TERROR, ANUBIS, etc.

The band now features the addition of the haunting female vocals of Aziza A. Poggi from the american prog metal band DENDURA and the special guests V. Santura (TRIPTYKON, DARK FORTRESS) and Karl Sanders (NILE).

Others guest musicians to appear on the upcomig release are: Nacho Hernándes, multi-instrumentalist of the spanish band VIHMANA (a death/doom project with gothic, ambient and ethnic music influences) and vocalist of the death/doom band LaDOLOROSA, composer of the instrumental interlude on the track "Inseparable In Death"; Wilmar Taal, who is releasing the first album with his eletronic project DEAD ROMERO, called "Rite" (with a guest performance by Erol Unala from APOLLYON SUN & CELTIC FROST), and plays bass on the track "Sekhmet's Breath"; and Marcos Jabah from the brazilian power metal band NECKBREAKER, who sings on the track "Fiery Embrace".

The album still features a version for an unreleased CELTIC FROST song from 1992, originally written by Tom Gabriel Warrior and Curt Victor Bryant, with totally rewritten lyrics to fit better in the concept of the new album. This song is now called "Sekhmet's Breath", featuring V. Santura, who has played in the last incarnation of CELTIC FROST and now is a member of TRIPTYKON, on lead guitars.

And finally Karl Sanders of NILE appears on lead guitars on a new version of "Beyond The Horizon", with fresh vocals by Aziza A. Poggi and re-recorded drums.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Beneath The Seven Hators Gaze
2. The Last Scribe
3. Liturgy Of Power
4. Inseparable In Death
5. Resurrection
6. Sekhmet’s Breath
7. Temple Of Iconoclast
8. Inner Flame
9. Fiery Embrace
10. Rapture Of The Ethereal Gate (Pain Empire)
11. Beyond The Horizon (new version)

"The Last Scribe" and "Liturgy Of Power" can be streamed at