Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Metal Crypt Review

This is a weird sort of Doom album from a band I had not heard of. Amarna Sky are from Brazil, partaking of the small but excellent South American Doom tradition. Rising Heresy is an odd kind of combination of riffing that switches between Doomy and groovy, mideast influence, and vocals that range from death-style grunts and a Lou Reed kind of intonation. The music on here is actually really good, with catchy hooks and a lot of melody, making the music really memorable. I don't always like the vocals, as sometimes they veer into a kind of half-growl/half-mumble that sounds kind of like a muppet. But still, the music is catchy and heavy enough to override any such complaints. This is an indie release, as far as I can tell, and so is likely hard to find, but fans of more accessible Doom or even atmospheric music like Karl Sander's solo works should find reasons enough to look.

Rating: 4/5
Date reviewed: May 28, 2008