Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep Sorrow

AMARNA SKY drummer, vocalist and songwriter, Deni Deathnoise, has joined to the Brazilian doomsters DEEP SORROW for several rehearsals. The band is workin’ on some old songs, as well re-arranging some others and writing new and fresh material.
They have plans to hit the stages with a killer setlist ASAP.
An album also is scheduled to be released on a near future, but for now the band is concentrated to destroy at the Brazilian gigs, including some AMARNA SKY stuff too!
The band is formed by Marcos Jabah Guimarães (vocals), who has sung on the two AMARNA SKY releases, Junião (guitars), Arildo Marques (guitars), Grismaldo Almeida Junior (bass) and now Deni Deathnoise (drums).
Stay tuned for a really serious kickin’ ass doom! The time has come!